(part 1)

In Mexico, weddings have a huge influence from the Catholic religion  as well as spanish or even from our native tribes such as: Aztec, Mayan, etc. For example, marriage ceremonies can be performed by priest or a shaman – depending on beliefs.

Even though times change, and there are many trends and styles to choose from, Mexican Weddings always have their unique touch and are colorful which gives them a very happy feeling!

Mexican history and culture is quite broad. There are so  many traditions to choose from which makes Mexican weddings different than so many other countries.

For example, brides traditionally wear the same dress or accesories for generations – making it not only something borrowed but old as well! As well as giving the bride an vintage touch.

But brides have to be careful, as it is considered bad luck in Mexico not just for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, but also to even see the dress, even while walking down the aisle.. So make sure your groom is looking towards the altar or the beautiful turquoise sea if you are marrying in the Mexican carribean (which to be fair this last one makes it easier for the groom 😉

Also one of the Catholic church influences is the “Lazo” which is a large rosary symbolizing the union between bride and groom til death do them apart!

There are many traditions and influences in mexican weddings, these are just some which I hope you have enjoyed. I will post many more in the next few weeks!

See you then! Thanks for reading us,